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 Environment, Energy, and Economic Security


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Environment & Power Systems International, LLC was organized in Illinois in 2003, to develop a small-scale, yet scalable crosscutting combined heat and power technology that can enable manufacturing; petrochemical and synthetic organic chemical industries to reduce energy consumption and the cost of operations. A registered foreign company in Arizona, the Company is headquartered in the high tech center of Oro Valley, Arizona. Product line engineering, testing and manufacturing is conducted in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. The Company is associated with seasoned business partners and suppliers that have the skill, knowledge and expertise to carry out continuous product improvement and quality project execution services and support for VOCGEN CHP systems sited at industry worldwide.



Our environment and power solution creates a superior cost savings model for over 100 discrete industrial categories subject to the requirements of the Clean Air Act by replacing the life-cycle cost of traditional volatile organic compound (VOC) air pollution control equipment with the gas turbine oxidizer (GTO). This enhanced cogeneration economic model is realized by a quick return on capital investment united with significant annual operational cost savings for the life of the project, estimated at 20-30 years. The Company’s products are sold at competitive market-based prices.



Our product line unlocks a unique market by replacing traditional air pollution controls at industry with energy efficient cogeneration that additionally recycles VOC heat energy. This distinctively fulfills the goals of the EPA CHP Partnership and the USDOE by reducing energy consumption via the deployment of energy efficient technology. Appreciably, numerous indirect health and economic benefits follow.



Our competitive advantage is a narrowly focused business model that invests in product engineering design; intellectual property development and acquisition; market growth; systems architecting and marketing. Manufacturing; sales, installation and operations are outsourced to trusted business partners/specialists and existing market capacity.



The founder, a recognized expert in environmental permitting and an experienced technology innovator for industry has a vision to replace energy intensive legacy equipment at industry with the combined VOC abatement and cogeneration solution; not only to deliver significant operational cost savings to industry, but to also help to achieve recognized sustainability goals that can build economic strength and security. The management consists of engineering, finance and operations managers who have considerable experience in executive level management and the development and deployment of economically beneficial sustainable products and projects.


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