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 Environment, Energy, and Economic Security


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VOCGEN by Environment & Power Systems International are small scale, highly robust simple cycle industrial gas turbine power generators that cogenerate 0.560 MW(e) output power and an average 6.5MMBtu/hr high quality heat energy. When configured in combined heat and power (CHP) and VOC abatement applications, VOCGEN can achieve overall system efficiencies (electricity and useful thermal energy) greater than 85%.


VOCGEN CHP systems replace existing air pollution control equipment subject to Clean Air Act Title V Operating Permits including carbon adsorption, direct flame and regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO).


VOCGEN gas turbines operate on primary pilot fuels, typically natural gas. VOC-laden process air emissions are utilized as a secondary fuel that contribute to the operation of the gas turbine.


Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions are generated in fuel storage and transfer operations and processes that use hydrocarbon solvents in manufacturing, petrochemical and the synthetic organic chemical manufacturing industries (SOCMI).


A single engine genset can process 6,200 cubic feet per minute (CFM) VOC-laden emissions at ISO conditions; 15 deg C (59 deg F) ambient temperature; 60% relative humidity; and ambient pressure at sea level.


Multiple gensets sharing a common inlet air ductwork or header can manage larger air volumes, or VOC concentrator technology can be used to reduce air volumes and increase concentrations of VOC, which can be managed by one or two gensets.


Overall system energy efficiencies are up to 90% with carbon emission reductions over 50%.


Cost benefit analyses typically result in $450K to over $1 million (USD) in annual operational cost savings.  This is achieved when applied as industrial air pollution control systems and the generated electricity and waste heat offset part of the utility-provided energy requirements of the facility.


Additional operational cost savings are possible if the equipment is synchronous and/or black start capable, eliminating standby and backup diesel generators typically deployed at the user's facility.


Our gensets are skid-mounted, portable environmental enclosures designed to build scalable air pollution control and combined heat and power (APC/CHP) systems for industrial applications.


If your management team is planning to replace a VOC destruct thermal oxidizer or regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), request a Level 1 Feasibility Analysis and let's work together to evaluate the potential to lower your facility's operating costs.

What is VOCGEN?



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