1.Traditional Air Pollution Control Improvement Solutions


  • Re-design traditional natural gas VOC abatement technologies such as flare; incinerator;

    thermal  oxidizer; boiler; and other waste heat technologies to make them more energy efficient.


  • Utilize innovative biotechnology and advanced oxidation technologies that utilize natural

    assimilation processes by bacteria in soil, or water media and/or expose wastes to powerful

    hydroxyl radicals and UV light to break the bonds of long-chained hydrocarbon-based chemicals.


  • Utilize adsorption technologies such as carbon and zeolites to remove hydrocarbons.


  • Move operations to a country with environmental programs void of enforcement.


2. Traditional supply-side electric power solutions


  • Build more power generation capacity

  • Deploy distributed energy equipment at point of use, or nearby

  • Deploy stand-by and/or emergency power equipment

  • Deploy demand response power generation equipment

 II. Traditional Solutions